25 years in the management of sports centres

Supera is the house of sports and of all those who practice it.

 Best quality and an affordable price

The group’s philosophy is to provide access for all citizens to practice sport by offering facilities and a high quality service at an affordable price. In Supera we believe that health is a fundamental value of our society and we encourage it by offering the citizen recreational activities with healthy and responsible leisure.

The best offer

As a group we bring our experience and our organisation, which allows us to offer the best deal to our subscribers, who can access any of the 29 sports centres that we have throughout the Peninsula. And, since 2015, to the new gyms that are nearby, which we manage under the Supera 24h brand.

A reference in the sport and health sector

We are not only a place to practice sport or to improve our health. Wherever Supera has a centre it has become the benchmark for citizens to enjoy their leisure time in a healthy, modern and qualified environment.